Hours of Operation
People are available in Main Dispatch from 7:00 AM in the Morning until 6:00 in the evening. They can be reached by dialing 800-992-9657.  If items need to be faxed to Dispatch, they should be faxed to 704-283-3916.  The Dispatchers are Roddy Baker and Raymond Neal.   Busy times in the morning are usually between 7:30 and 8:30 AM and in the afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00 PM.  If you  have a question that is not urgent try not to call during these times.  
Dispatch Functions - Monroe Office.
Central Dispatch has several functions.  

If you are a driver and you are looking for either assistance or a load, Call Central Dispatch. 

If you are Dispatched out of a regional office Call There First, Your local Agent will give you the correct Telephone number to call. Ask for the number if you do not have it.

Central Dispatch also is responsible for entering loads for some of the agencies who are not directly linked to the Dispatch System. The Dispatch System is where Load Numbers are assigned. The Load Number is one of the most important pieces of Information that you need.

Central Dispatch also serves as a Clearing station for most Advances and other load questions.

For most questions Call Dispatch First.  


Advances fall into two categories (a) Strategic Driver Fuel advances and  (b) Load Advances.

Strategic Driver Fuel Advances go  to Strategic Drivers Only.  The advance is placed on a Comdata Account that can be accessed by an individual Driver with his special account code.  The Advance is good only for fuel and fuel related items, and cannot be used for anything else. You must have a load number to request a Fuel Advance.

Strategic Fuel advances should be requested as early in the day as possible since many other responsibilities at the end of the day may delay placing the money in your account and cause you to wait at a truckstop for the funds to be transferred.


Load Advances are given out to other Drivers on a per load basis by way of a Comcheck or by being loaded to a card..  Up to 35% of the load gross can be gotten on a load advance.  The Driver must have a load number and be assigned to that load for an advance to be given.  Load advances are deducted from the load settlement. 

Comcheck advances carry a $3.25 per $1000  fee that will be deducted from the gross amount of the Comcheck. Funds loaded to your card carry a $3.00 fee each time the card is loaded with money.

Proper planning should be exercised to limit after hours  advances and week-end  advances to emergency situations only.  


Daily Call In
Daily Call in is essential to proper Scheduling and Problem Resolving.  All Drivers are to call in a minimum of once Daily. The Daily Call in should be before 9:00 AM each Day.

 A second call should occur anytime a load is picked up or delivered.

A call in is requested anytime you will be late for either a pick-up or delivery. 

A Call in is Requested if you have a break down

If you are involved in an accident, You should call the safety department  immediately.

On Time Delivery/Pick-up
On Time delivery or Pick-up is considered to be the rule, not the exception.   Most Pick-ups or Deliveries have a scheduled time.  Some Require a " No Later Than" or "Not After" or some other requirement that is understood when the load is dispatched.

It is the Driver's responsibility to do two things  

           (a) Ask the dispatcher what the pick-up or delivery time is and  

            (b) Be there at the time specified by the shipper

If you are going to be late, Call Dispatch


Co operation with Customers
There are two rules when  dealing with Customers, No Exceptions!

Rule #1  The Customer is always right

Rule #2  If the Customer is wrong, refer to Rule #1

If a disagreement occurs and you have attempted to resolve the difference quietly and calmly without success, do not continue the discussion.  It is always better to call your dispatcher and have them attempt to resolve any problem that has occurred. Bad language , threats, or verbal abuse by anyone representing Harris Transport or Harris Transport  is not acceptable conduct.

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