Safety And Accident Reporting

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Accident Reporting
What if I am Injured on The job?

As always, if first aid or medical help is needed, take care of these needs first.

Immediately, you should call in a report of the Accident to the Safety Department in Monroe. Be Prepared to supply details like time, date, location, extenuating circumstances and if possible the names of any witnesses.

Report the injury as soon as possible to Your Insurance Company.


What if I have an Accident in my Truck?

In Case of an Accident while you are with your truck, the procedures  are extremely important to follow as any mistake can result in greater Liability than would ordinarily be present.

  1. Immediately, call the Monroe Safety Department, regardless of the severity of the incident.
  2. During Normal Hours  ( M-F  8:30 AM to 5:30 PM) Call 1-800-444-4168)
  3. After Normal Hours, Saturday and Sunday Call the safety Beeper at 1-888-650-6134, Enter your contact telephone number with the keypad on your telephone
  4. Call the Police Department that has jurisdiction  the the Area where the incident took place.
  5. Federal Regulations require that you take a Breath Alcohol test within two hours of the incident under certain circumstances.
  6. You must also receive a Drug Screen as soon as it can be arranged under certain circumstances.
  7. All of the above needs to be documented for future reference.
  8. Go to the Accident Packet that is kept in your truck.  The packet contains a camera as well as other materials.
  9. Try to get Names and addresses and telephone numbers of all of the parties involved
  10. Secure License numbers, makes and models of all vehicles.
  11. Try to get names and address and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  12. Unless absolutely necessary the vehicles involved should not be moved until the Police arrive.
  13. When the investigating officer arrives, try to get the name, badge number, station address and telephone number.
  14. Always to be courteous and considerate of others.                 


What information should I Volunteer?
  1. The best answer to this question is to volunteer nothing.
  2. If requested give only your name, address and the Company's Name and Address.
  3. Answer all of the Officer's questions honestly
  4. But, do not admit to any Liability or Fault. 
  5. Do not agree to pay for any of the damages or to sign anything except as directed by the Officer, then
  6. Read what you are signing and request a copy. 
  7. If you cannot get a copy find out where a copy can be obtained.


What other Steps should I take?
  1. If possible, take reasonable steps to protect the cargo in your trailer from further damage or theft.
  2. Take pictures of the scene; the relationship of the vehicles involved and of other relevant items. Do not take pictures that would be considered bloody or gory.

As soon as you can, set down and commit to writing everything that you remember about the incident.  Do this as soon as you return to the terminal or at some location away from the incident scene.


What Happens Next?
  1. Make sure that the manager of your local terminal has copies of everything that you wrote down.
  2. Put everything including the Camera, if you took any pictures, in an envelope and send to Monroe, att: Safety Department.
  3. The Insurance Company is charged with the responsibility of  investigating all accidents.  All determinations will come from the Insurance Company.
Does Harris Insurance Cover Me and My Truck?

As an Owner Operator, you are responsible for maintaining the Physical Damage Insurance on your truck and Trailer.

Cargo and Other Liability Insurance are provided by Harris Transport, LLC.


What Happens if I fail to Report an Accident?

Failure to immediately report and Accident can result in Termination of your contract with Harris.

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